Who We Are

The Founder:

My name is Harold Earls, I am 23 years old and I am an active duty Soldier. I co-founded a veteran non-profit and we have been working hard to help Soldiers through Exploration Initiatives. However, what I have realized is there is not a brand that effectively encourages people to do the same—explore more, travel more and live a life of adventure, getting us back to our roots of having a Lewis and Clark style mindset. So we created a lifestyle brand to change that. 

Giving Back: 

We are donating all proceeds from the sale of gear to the USX Veteran Everest Expedition to help Soldier Mental Health. On top of that, all profits ever made will go directly to our sister nonprofit. Our vision is one day the veteran nonprofit will be able to help soldiers and further innovative exploration initiatives just from the donations generated from the sales on this site. Audacious yes, but we believe if enough people come around our cause and brand, we will not only be able to help inspire a culture of travel and exploration but we will be able to help Soldiers in the process. Get a shirt today, keep living a USX lifestyle and help make a difference. Dare boldly, Live courageously!



Sold Out